Sermon – January 2, 2022

Follow this link to listen to this week’s sermon by Matt Brown from Psalm 4:7 entitled “The Source of Joy in 2022”.

The microphone was muted for the introduction and part of the first point of the sermon. To summarize what is missing from the audio recording, joy or gladness is an attitude or feeling of the heart that influences our demeanor and outlook. Joy typically has different levels or degrees depending on its source. Each of us understands the joy felt when learning that a circumstance is not as bad as it might have been. This joy is real but, being tempered by the reality of the news, it’s on the low end of joy. The greatest circumstantial joy we may experience in life is expressed in the sermon text by reference to the great joy of an abundant harvest when things are going well, and there is plenty of food for the coming year. The Psalmist, addressing God, says, “You have put more joy in my heart” than that. This is where the audio begins.