Worship Services

We are now meeting in-person for worship at 10:30a following the state recommendations for health. Please contact Pastor Mike or Matt with any questions. Recordings will continue to be available online for those who are unable to gather in-person.

This week's service

Prayer Meeting

Our prayer meeting is being held bi-weekly online until further notice. Invitations will be sent by email prior to each meeting.


As time permits, meditations from the Scriptures will be posted here in the blog for your encouragement in God.

Am I Living by Faith or Unbelief?

John Piper helps us answer this critical question as he answers a listener’s question about Romans 14:23 which says, in part, “whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” I encourage you to listen to or read the interview. Perhaps restating his answer in question form will help us with discerning our own hearts: Is

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The Love Of the Father – Part 2

The original Greek New Testament contains two different words which are translated with the one English verb “love.” Many of us who have spent some years in the Christian church are familiar with these. One is agapao – related to the noun agape. The other is phileo. These two words have been commonly distinguished by

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Considering Christ

Consider consideration. Like many other words, to consider can have a few related, but different, common meanings. When we speak of considering a situation, possible outcomes, options, and such, we mean that there are things that should be thought about carefully and taken into account before an action is taken. When we speak of considering

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Waiting In Silence – Part 2

Last time we considered from Psalm 62 some the things that David mentioned as faulty alternatives to seeking God for refuge and how that God is indeed the answer to noisy, anxious waiting. This time we’ll meditate on the things that are part of waiting in silence. So, what is silence? Is it absolute? Is

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Waiting In Silence – Part 1

In the text of this week’s sermon, Psalm 62, David wrote twice of “waiting in silence.” “For God alone my soul waits in silence” (verse 1, ESV)“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence” (verse 5, ESV) This silent waiting is such a key part of Psalm 62, we would do well to understand

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“I Will Be Exalted” – Part 2

The exaltation of man is a dangerous thing. Of course, it all seems to make sense at the time. Great orators and charismatic leaders move minds and inflame passions. Civic pride swells under strong leadership. People sing the praises of one who promises deliverance. On the other side, there are those who are exalted in

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